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Camp Pendleton Information

Office Phone760-725-4805
Office Fax760-385-4964
Program ManagerAaron Stephens
Program Manager Phone910-451-9009
Program Manager
Site ManagerJonny Nunez
Site Manager
Site Manager Phone760-725-4805
Site Manager Cell
Shipping AddressBuilding #2238
Shipping Address 2Vandegrift Blvd
Shipping CityCamp Pendleton
Shipping CountryUnited States
Shipping StateCA
Shipping Zip Code92055

All Battle Effects Simulations (BES) to include class training requires the unit to support the training with a government vehicle, POVs will not be allowed for training use. Not having a vehicle will result in cancellation of your training.

From the Range Control Officer:

    1. The operation of this target or device and the assignment of qualifiedand/or certified Range Officer In Charge/ Range Safety Officer remains theresponsibility of the installation commander.
    2. Unit acknowledges that approval of this request does not relieve theunit commander of responsibility of:
      1. Ensuring target or device is approved within the special instructions orissued brief for the range or facility.
      2. Preventing unsafe firing procedures on the range or facility.
      3. Preventing the use of larger weapons or Net explosive Weight (NEW) thanthose authorized.
      4. Performing unauthorized training.
      5. Ensuring use by any personnel are supervised by the Officer in Chargeand/or Range Safety Officer.

Gear/equipment requirements posted below are for your records. Please let us know if you need to set up a class for anyone in your unit to obtain an MTD card. Our classes are held Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 0900, by request only.

    1. There is a 24-hour business day period needed to evaluate your request in order to see the availability and perform the equipment preparation process.
    2. Individual requesting BES, LaRue, T-IED, SESAMS, & I-TESS need to be qualified in equipment operations and be listed as a qualified person who will pick up and operate the equipment during the training evolution (All Personnel can go through training and hold a Minor Training Device [MTD] card for equipment operations).
    3. Training courses to obtain an MTD card will be tentative. You will be informed of class date and time upon approval of request/order.
    4. MTDs can only be checked out by a NCO. (E-1 thru E-3 may place requests only and provide a qualified name in the remark section for equipment pick-up).
    5. Recommend that you send your qualified RSO to check out MTD. A qualified RSO must hold a current MTD card. Cards are good for two years.
    6. MTDs can only be operated by personnel who hold a current MTD card. Cards are good for two years.
    7. When operating MTDs, they must be in the line of site of operator and clear of vegetation and IAW the current FDR.
    8. MTDs must be supervised by a qualified RSO. A qualified RSO must hold a current MTD card. Cards are good for two years.
    9. If a civilian contractor or non-military end user is picking up he/she needs to be sponsored by a unit authorizing him/her to pick up the gear. That unit POC needs to place the request. (Civilian operator needs to be on the qualified MTD roster)
    10. When returning the equipment the same individual who signed-out equipment needs to return the equipment.
    11. During return if there is any missing or damaged equipment a DD 200 form will be filled out in order to begin the command investigation process.
    12. A Working party and correct Government size vehicle for transportation is needed for pick up and drop off. For any maintenance issues contact the contractor. For BES/Targets call 760-725-4805 between the hours of 07:00-16:30. For ITESS, AMTI, SESAMS, T-CREW, and T-IED call 760-725-4805.
    13. If any changes are required to existing orders (i.e. change pick-up, drop-off date and time; add or cancel equipment items on order; or completely cancelling order) Please e-mail us at JNUNEZ@KATMAICORP.COM or call 760-725-4805 with order reference #.

Special Notes: Requestor and/or Operator name must be listed and hold an MTD card in order to pick up and operate the equipment. If the Operator or Person picking-up equipment name is not on the qualified roster the request will be denied. If you believe your request is going to be denied please call 760-725-4805 or list on request remarks section that training is needed for equipment being checked out in order to add training dates and times to your order.
Bldg. 2238 RM 130
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

29 Palms Information

Office Phone760-830-7544
Office Fax760-830-7546
Program ManagerAaron Stephens
Program Manager Phone910-451-9009
Program Manager
Site ManagerThomas Hamblett
Site Manager
Site Manager Phone760-830-7544
Site Manager Cell
Shipping AddressMCAGTFTC, 29 Palms
Shipping Address 28th and Bourke 1707, RM 143
Shipping CityTwenty-Nine Palms
Shipping CountryUnited States
Shipping StateCA
Shipping Zip Code92278

Mountain Warfare Training Center

Office Phone
Office Fax
Program ManagerAaron Stephens
Program Manager Phone910-451-9009
Program Manager
Site ManagerJesus Cervantes
Site Manager
Site Manager Phone
Site Manager Cell(775) 781-6272
Shipping Address1375 Kimmerling Rd Apt B
Shipping Address 2
Shipping CityGardnerville
Shipping CountryUnited States
Shipping StateNV
Shipping Zip Code89460

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